Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aha's and Hmm's...

Following the intensive - and ('even'?) shameful - negativity expressed recently, an attempt at «redirection»...

The 'first half' - as many people around me, who are either getting older, bolder or colder, say - a few days ago was bizarre. Informed just that morning about the passage of a close family friend, we headed off early in the morning, for the north of the city. A sculptor, to edit the descriptor used by a news-ticker, he was past ninety, and had been keeping unwell for a few years now. The end, when it occurred, was pacific, as so often happens...

Three 'things' - but 'singularities' would be the perfect word - struck me in what all was set off by this event. Maybe 'amazed' / 'confounded' / 'impressed on me' would be more accurate...

First, the calm, silence, and strength with which it was borne, by someone who had lost their spouse of more than fifty years.

Second - and with someone I met there - a phenomenon I've experienced/witnessed elsewhere: the care or craft with which some people use language. Sometimes, it's people who happen to teach, who demonstrate this. I mentioned someone he knew, to which I was told, "yes, BM... I haven't taught him, but he worked with me on a project." Then, considering the words (carefully?), T said, "he's talented... and capable."

Maybe the whole exchange would be less cryptic, make more meaning/sense, if you knew ('about'?) the three of us (BM, T, and me)...

The third snippet was a consequence of decision taken in haste, and only mildly regretted. Already 'up north', with the university barely a handful of kilometres away, a visit to its library found me confronting two books I've been looking for, for about six months now, books that I feel I need to read. To not have found them listed on any electronic catalog, and then see them, lying undisturbed, unopened, unfound, on a shelf before me... if only I could describe that surge of feelings better... :-/


Anyway, to deal less with the sublime and unspeakable, a few links:
- Bizarre photos from the Moscow Underground
- Incredibly images of Metro Art and Architecture from the world over.
- A remix of an Isuzu ad from the 80's. The image below is a preview of sorts. Very Jackie Chan.

After finding the audio track (Karaja, "She Moves") that serves as the remixed ad's background, a quirk in my playlist led to this very funny sound-sequence :-)


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