Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Teaser

'Mr. Kubrick', mentioned many moons and more updates ago, is back. Heheh... this snippet reminds me... a long time ago, during an extended spell of bad academic results (WTF! Can school be classed under 'academic'??) my father noticed me goofing off, instead of studying.

Pointedly he asked, "is this 'nice to know' information, or is this 'need to know' information?"

In the same tenor, I wonder where " 'Mr. Kubrick is back" would fit, in the context of this yet-to-arrive blog post. Maybe in neither category. Anyway, maybe that outpouring was just to get over the lethargy with words I've been feeling lately.

Sent Mr. K. this comic strip. His reply, a little while later was, "as long as we don't say that at the end of our lives..."


Meanwhile, someone seems to have recently reached my blog on following this query. How true.


Blogger sunshine said...

nice narration.. keep it flowing!

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