Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hello! Bye Bye!

If you, like me, were entranced by the MotoRazr ad - its conceptualization, the music, the phone, the model, her smile and her eyes - maybe here's what you've been waiting for.

Click below, to download:
The ad's theme (technology), its visualization (collapse and folding, of objects, their boundaries and their concreteness, into their vicinities - and finally, into space) and the termination of this process (stepping away, to reveal the cellphone) was incredible.

At a deeper level, the concepts these depictions emerged from weren't startling, but maybe, in continuance of a theme that's been a co-traveller of (the thinking of) technology for a long time... err... from the Enlightenment, atleast, I would think.

But it's as if Motorola wants us to feed on the Razr, without wanting to draw attention to (rephrasing something the main character in Being John Malkovich said) the technological, capitalist, material, and metaphysical can of worms the product's pitch opens up...

I'd like to utilize this message to announce a hiatus from blogging. Yes, yes, I've wasting much time composing a similar post previously, but things are different this time.

'BRB', without the 'R'...

p.s. Listening to the full 3.36" of 'Hyped Up Plus Tax' makes me realize how carefully engineed the ad really is.

Furthermore, to build from a misrecognition, of "really" as "reality", "listening to the full 3.36" of 'Hyped Up Plus Tax' makes me realize how carefully the reality the ad proposes is engineered..."


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