Friday, April 28, 2006


May 19

A Youtube video of a traffic junction somewhere in India. Important: the light doesn't seem to have worked at this road-cut in a long time.

Why might people drive/behave this way? Because, when you gotta go, you gotta go... ;-)

It becomes hypnotic, after about a minute of watching...

May 13

"Is it the questions that drive us, Neo..."


Hehe :-)

These are dangerous times. (Insert Mojojojo laugh.)

Whenever it was, I'm just hoping that the last time you said, "Oh! I read/learnt it on the internet!" wasn't in reference to bomb making, blowing up tanks, bringing down networks or hacking your younger sister's IM password (note to self: my sister's standard password is somewhere in the vicinity of "sugar and spice...")

Anyway, since the net presents limitless opportunities for the expansion of one's horizons, I thought I'd post yettanethur link: How to make Beer. (via)

Mmm.... Beeeeer...

Pearl Jam - Inside Job

Some really really nice music
Stories of inmates at Guantanamo Bay

(both links via SM)

May01: MIDIval Punditz - Raanjhan (w/Abida Parveen)

(A day later)

Currently grooving to: Rang De Basanti's Paathshaala (Be A Rebel) and Opening Music



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