Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Casual Attitude" :-(

Until a few months ago, I would regularly watch a really funny game show called "Takeshi's Castle" (PogoTV, 7.30pm everyday.) Such programmes are hard to describe (but since when have experiences been like transferable tickets to a cricket match?) Here's the only way I can think of: participants keep falling off from heights, their descent broken by water, mud, or nets.

Err... I'd also once referred to it as "cute Japanese girls getting wet", but that's a phase I don't want to get into :-(

One of my favourite obstacle courses, called "Stepping Stones" features a ten or fifteen metre long ditch, water filled waist-high. Contestants must cross this by stepping onto a series of stones, some of which are dummies, which, if chosen, leave participants drenched and defeated. The funniest escapades involve people who fall on the ground even as they are running towards the ditch!

Like every other segment, voice-overs are provided by Javed Jaffrey, and if you've seen it, you might've heard him, whining in a falsetto, "titli udhi, udhti chali" when certain participants try to pick their way across
very daintily.

Mmm... where is this heading? Towards a series of photos of a butterfly that flew into my room. Having snapped a few photos, I forgot to open the window. It was found during the next morning's dusting, dead...


Blogger chitra said...

pretty titli..

3:21 PM  
Blogger dematerialized said...


in a few months, when i've completely forgotten about it, maybe i'll open a file or a pile (of papers) and remember placing the titli there. more pics, maybe then...

9:27 PM  

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