Monday, December 19, 2005


Until a few days ago, my favourite advertisement on TV was the one for Motorola's RAZR V3 phone. Funnily enough, they're retailing this phone here for about one third of the price it initially splashed down at.

A woman, obviously smart and successful (as is sought to be symbolized by her immediate living environment) has the RAZR. The process begins from near the phone, and with great rapidity, her entire home starts to fold up into itself, leaving behind whitespace in the midst of the disintegration-without-chaos. Stepping up and away from these parallel processes of dematerialization, she watches nonchalantly (a big clue, probably, as to the values projected for a humanity comfortable with the speed of technology) as all her belongings, markers and surroundings vanish. It's hard to resist the urge, but the logic behind this ad can easily be interpreted as aufhebung (releve?) because soon the void contains just three entities: the woman, the phone, and the void itself. Picking the instrument up as it rings, completely at ease with the (de)compression that just occurred, she smiles - the first show of emotion? - on hearing a familiar voice on the other end. In other words, a very cleverly made ad and one that made me pay attention each time I caught the broadcast.

But, as of today, we have a new number one: Bravia. Here's what the website says:
"Set to the stripped-down acoustic soundtrack of José González' "Heartbeats", 250,000 'superballs' come flying, in slow motion, over the brow of a typical street in San Francisco, raining down on anything that gets in their way... [all] done without computer graphics."

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Get the entire movie here - 54mb. The experiences, emotions and wonderment, when watching the ad the first time, are indescribable...

Meanwhile, staying with the theme of design and the sublime... Pomegranita, whose creator I was in contact with, during my previous (blog) avataar/innings.


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