Friday, January 20, 2006

Tapping into 'Haasya Ras'

Going by the maxim "happy is as happy thinks" (say in Arnie-from-Terminator-2 voice "Ai swayurh ai will naat see any more Adam Sandler movies), I've decided to revisit all those comics websites I have firefox shortcuts for and the funny blogs I've read recently. Also, since sharing-is-caring, here goes.

First; recent hoots at :
<raela> man today in bio when I was actually paying attention I heard the best owned story
<raela> this girl learned about blood typing and how to do genetic crosses with it
<raela> so she got all excited, went home, and found out her and her parents blood types from her mom
<raela> she then realized there was no way possible her dad was related to her
<raela> or at least, not the father
<raela> it took her awhile to get her mom to admit it >:D

<egg> today at work i got totally owned
<egg> i didnt understand something
<egg> and i said
<egg> "you know what i dont get?"
<egg> and a guy i work with said "pussy and respect?"
<egg> i was like :
sumgirl4eva12: you are the whitest person i know
sumgirl4eva12: stop
holdmeback3322: collaborate and listen

<dura> I really think I'm a moron.
<dura> I just now realised that Neo spelled backwards is one
Sai, I hold you responsible for introducing me to Oh, and that bit about weasels had me chuckling :-)

Next up, a rewriting of the Mahabharat:
"Vyasa did his graduate studies on fictional literature and it was time he did what he had procrastinated for as long as he could. He had to write the dissertation. It was going to be long and detailed with three key elements romance, action and a happy ending. Soon the complicated plot was brewing in Vyasa’s head and he finally wrote the first draft. Vyasa realized he could get a great publication out of this and decided to contact some publishers.

He tried his luck with the most famous publisher at the time, Brahma. Brahma listened to the plot.

Brahma: “The plot is okay. But considering you don’t have any prior publications it would be a great risk on the publishing company’s part.”

Vyasa: “I am willing to do this free of charge. All I want is my dissertation read. I want my work to reach out to people. You know...the publish or perish rule. I don’t care for money. I wouldn’t be going to graduate school otherwise you know.”

Brahma: “Okay but you still haven't written the book. I can’t make any promises without looking at the final version.”

Vyasa: “Well that’s another problem. My advisor wants me to work on all these other projects and I can’t find time to write the book. I was hoping that you can provide someone to write the book for me as I narrate it.”

Brahma: “I generally don’t do this but the booty squad in your draft has intrigued me. So here is a number of somebody who owes me a favor. His name is Ganapati. He may be a little difficult to work with but that’s all I can offer."
(read the rest here and here - she's really funny!)
'Laal salaam' to Crystal Blur - this
is one of those blogs whose archives you'll love to trawl through :-)

Next, recent Fifth Wave comics... for those of you stuck in the office, or at home.

And, finally, WaiterRant


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