Saturday, December 24, 2005

An Extract, from 'The Sense of the World'

Jean Luc Nancy, The Sense of the World, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 1998, p. 89.
"What one calls 'totalitarianism' is the complete presentation of a sense in truth: myth, that is, but myth as reality, without the differance of its narrative. It is the immediate being-there or immanence of myth. In the fascist version, truth is the life of the community, in the Nazy version, truth is the conflaguration of the people, and in the communist version, truth is humanity creating itself as humanity. Life, fire, creation: three figures of completed sense, signifying itself and abanding itself without remainder in its signiied, that is, in its referent - for truth here is a concrete punchturation. On this account, politics must be destiny, must have history as its career, sovereignity as its emblem, and sacrifice as its access."


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