Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another Example of Interlinked Memories

But aren't memories always like that, you might ask... Step back please, and allow me to reinvent the wheel.

While reading something on Wired, I jumped to the author's website. Which led me to a really nice collablog. Where these were mentioned.

If you think I'm overdoing the pronouns, come meet my father. He once told me to "usko phone karne ke baad, wahaan jao, aur woh le ao." [translation: after calling him, go there, and bring it/that.] My sister (when she's around) and me have picked up a habit of just looking blankly, and freezing ("L-O-N-D-O-N... London... Statue!" - but without the crazy body postures) when we hear this nonsense. It's difficult, hoping for clarity when continually confronted with such... such fog.

As is obvious, I too must put in a lot of effort, into not ending up a chip of the ol' block. Or whatever.

Anyway, back to the stainless steel playing cards... If you're a fan of the Hong Kong genre, you might've (that's one big MIGHT!) seen one of the trashier flicks, Winners & Sinners: Five Lucky Stars. Was this the film in which one of the baddies, a suit clad gang member, kills people by throwing playing cards at them? Either he's operating with a really fresh pack or the angle they're being launched at are worthy of the research put into a stealth bomber's curve. Throats slit, faces slashed, lungs punctured, that's what this bad guy specializes in, and all from a distance... no elaborate fights to be choreographed. IF I remember correctly.

One of the funnier and more pathetic sequences in Lucky Stars (whose remembrance by, and discussion with someone I'd like to call Macchi Lady a long time ago led me to discover anew her crazier side... sigh) was when one of the characters manages to convince himself (while bathing) that he's become invisible. He proceeds to waltz around a flat etc. etc. Basically, it was a long set of incredible camera maneuvres by the director and pinpoint accuracy by this actor, to avoid showing us viewers any dong. Like positioning him such that a vase is perfectly aligned with his torso.

Why am I writing this? Because I've always wondered (ok, not always, but definitely a few times) how those playing cards killed people. Maybe ("just maybe!") they were made of stainless steel, and cost about $400 a set...

Another mystery solved, another case cracked. Thank you boingboing. I'll keep visiting. Y'all do the same.


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