Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some Monkey Bites, yo.

His Billaciousness is here, talking the good talk, spending the big money, meeting the big people...

A few quick points. Microsoft's the victim of a squat! The Desi Registry reveals
Sponsoring (R5-AFIN)
Registrant Name:Piyush Somani
Registrant City:Nashik
Registrant State/Province:Maharashtra
So what is this post about? You ask a lot of questions, my readers. Or maybe - insert paranoid Fight Club moment here - like Tyler Durden's moment of clarity, mine has to do with realizing that those entries in the visitor stats are actually from my own. Shudder...

Remember when Bush was running for El Presidente of the You.Yess.Ay? (Adam's Life is reeling from this cosmic disaster.) Anyway, those days the typical guffaw-inducing email forward was a collage of Bush pics matched with chimpanzee pics.

"You've seen the forwards! Now go to the site!"

I propose we expand that series, to cover other people and moments. My contribution to this endeavour: a pic I saw at, of Bill, doin' his thang.
Image hosted by
But that's all right... As this page evidently illustrates, cameras often catch people doing their worst. For people like me (AND YOU!) to make pathetic jokes later.

Yes, Bush is in a league by himself. Didn't one 'scream' (no one knows what it was) supposedly 'sink' Howard Dean in 2004? Strange, because Bush is Daddy's Boy, a serial failure at businesses, a draft dodger, low life scumbag alcoholic, a crackhead even, and (in Chris Rock's words) a C student, "who just happened to become the President of the United States". Now I'm not a believer in miracles, but this might just be the kind of touch of God no one needs.

What about Bill? See, there's Bill, but as importantly, there's also Steve. You'll might not have heard of him, but he's there. If the "say 'developers!' as a 'kumbaya' substitute! "video doesn't frighten you, just take a look at this one and you'll know what I'm talking about.

"It's shit like this that's [brought the] situation to a head." Of causing the world to refer to Steve as Mr. "I'm gonna fucking kill Google (by throwing office chairs)" Ballmer, the real 800lb gorilla.

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