Thursday, November 24, 2005

As always, DIY is the way to go.

This chat session, whose essentials are being posted below, took place last night. Its participants: a friend I'll refer to as Dada Tango (a.ka. DT), and me.

DT: turquoise cottage chalna hai?
ME: tonight? media night?
DT: correct
ME: hmm...
DT: khaali hota hai lekin aajkal
ME: how so?
DT: entry charge hai. recoverable at the bar. 500
ME: 500 per person?????????
DT: couple if you can get a girl with you
DT: and free if you got a media card
ME: what's a media card?
DT: visiting card from a media company
ME: so how did all those bacchas, those underage brats we saw last time, have a media card?
ME: this media card, i bet it can be printed on a home laser...
DT: they didn't. last time we went, there wasn't any cover
charge. only 'couple entry'
ME: meaning fake ID....
DT: i've printed mine at home
DT: fake id is correct
DT: but mine is genuine
ME: hmm.... i should make one...
DT: saatchi and saatchi ka card use kiya tha wahan bahaut
ME: and this card is a visiting card type of thing?
DT: not a card like a card. just a visiting card
ME: i think for/if next time i should print my own visiting card.
ME: tu jaa yaar aaj raat... some other time for me...
ME: but thanks for giving me an insight into this card scam...
DT: ;-)
ME: brb
DT: gotta go son
DT: talk to ya later
ME: bye


Systems, being what they are, necessarily contain the portends of atleast two types of confrontations. The first has famously been named the Anomaly. The second, humorously exposed by a quip in 'Snatch', is the issue of predictability, often accompanied by a single-minded desire for it. So, if I ever mention being at TC, you'll know how the bouncers were conned.


Then, this morning's installment:

ME: kal kaafi dhamaal kara TC mein?
DT: khoob
DT: pehle 2 gin at mb's. then 2 whiskeys at home. then 6 whiskeys at tc + two joints.
ME: how come they don't discourage weed at TC?
DT: they do of course... but i'm smart;)


The internet has completely changed what distance means, take it from me...


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